Saturday, April 27, 2013

Further Awards for Heroism and Valor, Part 1

It seems we sell out of these rare pieces faster than we can detail them. The Spring River Road Expo saw 4 new medals, fresh from our expeditions through the Aether Storms. Despite their status as -SOLD- we would still like to detail them, as a matter of public record.

The Wings of Saint Louis. This is apparently an alternate realty's version of the Saint Louis Ironclad Star. This particular medal was awarded to civilian airship captains who brought their own ships to the defense of the arsenal, when it fell under attack from an invading force of automatons during the Mecha-American Wars.

Another alternate reality commendation we discovered was The Flower of Zosimos.
The medal is very similar to The Alchemist's Flower, but with a different metallic composition. (And a very unique Chrono-Spatial resonance.) However the award is still given for the heroic use of Alchemy in times of struggle.

The other two medals will be detailed in short order, as well as a thank you to our patrons. We will return!

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