Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rewards for Valor and Heroism!

Through incredibly precise chrono-spatial navigation I, Nicholas Langdon Armburster, was able to procure these excellent examples of valorous commendations from the ravages of the Aether Storms. Woodrow Gideon Radcliffe, the Armory's chief researcher and Cryptozoologist, was able to identify each of these magnificent pieces (purchased by savvy collectors at both River Road Expo and Hero bot Con) by the following designations:

1.       The Iron Skull. Awarded to those who served in the campaigns against the Sky Pirates of Indonesia.

2.       The St. Louis Ironclad Star. Awarded for distinguished service in the defense of the St. Louis Arsenal.

3.       The Alchemist's Flower. Given to one who performed acts of heroism through the use of alchemy.

4.       The Distinguished Chrononaut Award. Given to those who survive any form of temporal travel, whether the future or the past and impact a significant improvement to the standing of the Queen's rule.

5.       The Illustrious Aeronautic Award commonly known as the 'Queen's Wings'. Awarded to those who perform heroically aboard any form of airship in the service of the Royal Air Force.

6.       The Star and Spike. An American military engineering medal, awarded to those who served heroically aboard a US military steamcraft.

7.       The Royal Winged Key. Given to members of the Queen's Guard who serve on the Queen's personal skyship the Winged Victory and performed acts of valor and great courage.

8.       The Blue Star Cross. Awarded for distinguished service in the United States Mechanized Airborne Cavalry.

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