Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Emptiness of Defiance.

This particular commission was given to me by Dame Heather, of a scientific exploratory agency which I was told should never be named, due to it possibly damaging the fabric of space and time. She had brought to me the severed head of a mechanically-enhanced creature and asked if I could provide the same ocular enhancement that the creature's implants possessed, without all the messy invasive surgery that it had apparently endured. Ever up to a challenge, I acquiesced wholeheartedly.

After careful dissection, study, and incineration of the original, the result were these frighteningly beautiful goggles, I have named The Emptiness of Defiance.
I wish luck to Dame Heather and her federation of explorers and scientists. May your travels be safe and your discoveries many!

Attempting to Resupply.

Quite a bit has happened since River Road. For one, my inventory has been decimated! I have only 2 pairs left for sale at this point, and I've been working feverishly to craft some new and exciting pieces in time for the next Hero Bot Con in September.

These fine gentlemen, Chris and Dan I believe there names were, purchased the Flower of the Tundra and the Keymaster Ocular respectively.
Then, just before Free Comic Book Day, I received a call from the proprietor of Mythic Games, here in Elmira. He was interested in purchasing a pair of my goggles. That night I sold the Isley Customs to the gentlemen, and an additional pair to Lady Alana Smith-Brown, a previous patron of ours.

Thank you all for your purchases, and we look forward to seeing you at future events!