Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Flower of the Tundra

This pristine pair of goggles was created for use in the inhospitable climates of the Alpine Tundra. The denim fabric has been bleached white to better assist in camouflaging the wearer. (One can never been too cautious.) The lens rims are an alchemical silver that resist the staggeringly low climates, and the blue lenses are a protective barrier from the harsh sunlight that one can experience so close to the top of the world.

Originally designed for use by a French Cryptobotanist, this pair of oculars is equipped with a loupe on the right lens and features two beautiful silver fleur-de-lis on the temples and the Ivy Cross symbol of the French Cryptobotanical Academy. Sadly the scholar for which they were built, perished while searching for the Dragon Rose of Hyperborea. In accordance with the wishes of her estate: they are now available for purchase at the price of $50.00.

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