Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Keymaster Ocular

This unique "mono-goggle" was designed by the Armory for a man known only as the Keymaster of Kent. To his specifications, the eyepiece is fully adjustable and fits securely around the head. The alchemically-treated lens aides in low-light vision. The gold-patterened suede was part of a special lot, willed to the Armory by the pirate captain Vane Kilgrave, and the emblem on the temple was a special request by the Keymaster himself.

Sadly, due to debts to some of London's more unscrupulous criminal kingpins, the Keymaster was never able to pick up his order. As is Armory policy, this incredibly unique fabrication is now available to the public at the price of $50.00.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Isley Customs

Commissioned for Lady Pamela Isley, a rogue horticulturist of the International Society for Horticultural Science. Using materials provided by Lady Isley and constructed to her specifications, this piece is truly unique. The headstrap and suede are both naturally green. The copper used for the eye pieces was unusually pure, and at her insistence, was unaltered by our alchemical process and has thusly oxidized. It was fitted with an unusual array of diffusers, and a double ocular magnifier. The golden leaves were a request by Lady Isley as a 'decoration to laud her achievements.'

The actual meaning of this phrase, I fear shall be forever lost as the good Lady was incarcerated in an asylum soon after the order was placed. The detail are not known to the public, though rumors insist that she had been injected with a venomous concoction and lost her grip on sanity.

We at the Armory extend our thanks to Lady Isley, by way of the fine doctors of Arkham Asylum, and wish the brilliant botanist a speedy convalescence. In accordance with the instruction of the doctors of the asylum, we now offer the Isley Customs for sale to the public at the nominal fee of $50.00.