Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Greetings from the year 2013!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, firstly I offer an apology for the delay in posting. I have been rather occupied with the holidays, a slight fire at my parents' home (everyone is okay), and the construction of my new laboratory.

Secondly, I resume with my (hopefully) weekly postings of our creations. Take, for instance this lovely model:
Constructed for the Lady Alana Smith, the Goblin Vision goggle were crafted with a headstrap foraged by Ser Jordan McLeod, out resident maille smith. This stylish piece is fitted with an alchemically treated pair of lenses that create an illuminated silhouette around orcs and goblins. Incredibly useful when traversing Subterrania or an uncharted mountainous region. We here at the armory thank the good Lady Smith for her patronage, and plug her television appearance.

Also I'll include a photo of our first local customer, due primarily to her shaming me at a gathering, this very evening, for my truancy in posting. So once again, the lovely owner of the The Envy of Venus, Miss Emily Swan:

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