Monday, January 28, 2013

The Bronze Centurions

This custom pair of goggles, crafted to specification for the Dame Carol Young, was constructed from the pieces of a time-traveling automaton that I had stumbled across whilst exploring the ruins of the Johnston Atoll. Despite the machine's ascertion that it was indeed from the future, I found it odd that it's construction was, primarily, of bronze and some synthetic fabrics. I'll not bore my readers with details of the battle between us; suffice it to say that when our meeting was over, it was I who was picking up the pieces.

As for the features of the goggles themselves; they feature a double static diffuser on the lens housing and array on the temple bolt that, I must confess, I didn't not have time to adequately catalog and study. The headstrap is constructed of a synthetic material with a tensile strength equal to those that would be double the thickness normally. I inset a set of versatile smoked lenses that I hope will serve the Dame Carol well in her travels.

We at the Armory thank the Dame Carol Young for her patronage!

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