Friday, April 19, 2013

The Last Badges from Series One.

On every battlefield across the world, you can find a healer. The noble medical profession doesn't just touch the lives of soldiers, it can change the tides of history. For all those honorable individuals who have sworn to first do no harm, we present The Life Cross Shield of the Field Medic.

Do you spend your life in the stacks? Do you sift through ancient books and forgotten manuscripts looking for some nuggets of arcane lore? If you do, and if you haven't awakened some ancient elder evil from beyond the veil of reality, we present to you: The Tome and Scrolls of the Researcher.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, that round out the series 1 designs. All of these wonderful badges retail for $1.00, and can be purchased at the upcoming River Road Expo this Sunday, April 21st.

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