Wednesday, September 18, 2013

An Truly Excellent Adventure.

Months ago, a telegraph arrives on my desk from the Prince of Risen Lemuria. Apparently my old friend had suffered a plague of Strigoi in his kingdom and sought our expertise. I, along with Dame Charlotte and Woodrow Radcliffe, boarded the airship and embarked on an adventure. The Strigoi were no easy feat to clear out, but happily the encounter ended with us still amongst the living, and the undead, well and truly dead. It was during the reception in our honor that Dame Charlotte absconded with my airship. Apparently our wealthy English lass was wanted by some notorious criminals who sought to reclaim said wealth.

This left Woodrow and I in quite a situation. The Lemurians are a very independent people and fiercely proud of their ways. Assimilation into the world of steam-power and electricity has advanced at a crawl, which left my friend and I searching for a way to pursue our former colleague. We eventually secured passage aboard a tramp steamer bound for Taipei.

Our time in Taiwan was marked by a spirited pursuit through the Keelung Wharf and a brief firefight with a duo of mechanically-enhanced assassins, sent to retrieve Dame Charlotte. Their enhancements were advanced, so - as you would do with a Strigoi - I removed the dangerous bits whilst they were incapacitated. Rather than explain any of that to the local constabulary, Woodrow and I hitched a lift with an airship merchant caravan out of Cairo.

We caught up with Dame Charlotte at the Johnston Atoll. With the aide of the journalist, Samantha Clements, we relieved Dame Charlotte of her pursuers, and parted ways. Leaving her to find her own way off the island. But as a door closes, a window opens, and Miss Clements has agreed to lend her skill with words and artistic talents to our work.

At the moment Woodrow, Samantha, and I are working tirelessly to catalog all of the wondrous items that we have collected over these past months. I encourage you to come view our selection at Hero Bot Con, this coming Saturday - September 21st - at the Wings of Eagles Discovery Center in Horseheads, NY.

More detailed posts will follow, but for now please enjoy a picture of our inventory thus far.


  1. I finally found you, a friend of mine told me about your work a few months ago, but he got the name wrong, but another one of my steampunk-afficienado friends gave me your card after Hero Bot. I can't afford to buy my own costume piece-by-piece, but I enjoy looking at your work!

  2. I thank you very kindly for that Isaac, and I apologize that I've bee difficult to track down. I appreciate every fan that I get!