Tuesday, September 24, 2013

An Expanded Catalog, After An Extended Voyage.

The first new addition to our inventory were these fashionable hair clips. Having been inspired by one worn by Miss Clements, I crafted these delightful ornaments from feathers collected from specimens in Risen Lemuria and from gemstones and other items found in previous travels. After this year's Hero Bot Con, we are presently out of stock, but custom orders are encouraged at the cost of $10.

It is my firm belief that any adventurer who is worth anything at all should maintain a proper system of defense against supernatural threats. I myself carry a Dragon's Tooth, a piece of Medic's Quartz, the Vitruvian Medal, and many others. Each serving as a ward or weapon against Those That Should Not Be Named. As such, I have begun to collect charms and wards that I offer to the public. At the top of the image we have two vials containing the fangs of Strigoi viu, a sorcerous breed of Romanian vampire. These were removed after the beasts were slain, but retain a warding ability. As long as they are carried, no vampire may tell you falsehoods. These vials were bought up quickly by savvy adventurers at Hero Bot Con.
     The white vials contain blessed salt from Lake Pandyan in Risen Lemuria. It is said to be a ward against evil spirits. The remaining pair is available as earrings or charms at the cost of $5.
     The red vials contain the the timing cogs of two mechanically-enhanced assassins that we fought in Taipei. These curious devices must remain in the red Autono-Gel to remain functional, but what a function they provide! As long as they are on your person they render you impervious to the detection of other mechanically-enhanced beings! especially useful for ducking Tuned Assassins. As with the previous vials, they are available as either earrings or charms for the price of $5.

The earrings were another venture inspired by Miss Clements. The pair in the top of the image were created from the tusks of a miniature mechanical elephant crafted for the Sultan of ancient Undinia, and uncovered by an archeological expedition. The gems are Ryunite Crystral recovered from the wreck of the HMA Balfour, high atop Mount Silencio in the Kansas Territory.  These earrings carry an aura of refinement, as well as protection from yetis. Available for purchase at the price of $10.00.
     The scarabs were found in the burial chamber of Queen Shai-Nefer the Lady of the Reeds, deep in the wilds of Hyberborea. They are made from an alloy that I cannot identify and, what appears to be, cut uvarovite garnet. It is said that the wearer of these prized earrings will be granted incredible creativity and power of perception. (This pair was purchased at Hero Bot Con by the wonderful Lisa Boley.)
     The final pair of earrings, pictured at the bottom of the image are Promethean Bolts. Taken from fallen Promethean, an artificial being, the bolts carry with them a spark of life. Rumor has it that if worn as earrings, these trinkets may actually restore one to the world of the living, should they meet their death during an adventure. Available for purchase at the price of $10.00.

This is only the beginning of our chronicled finds and creations. More to come my friends, as soon as we are able!

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